Colour, Pattern, Texture and Shine


I love the shine of Mackerel scales and the rainbow of colours of petrol on water. It’s interesting to think that nature often uses these features to camouflage. Unlike my husband photographed at Burning Man, he takes shine seriously and wants to stand out, which of course he does. That’s why he made that fabulous cape for himself.

Take Mackerel, Mackerel is a streamlined fish, basically designed for fast swimming in large shoals. Its fins are short and positioned well back on the body in order to be able to swim with greater straight line speed. Mackerel has a deeply forked tail, which again helps with good acceleration and manoeuvrability. As an open water species, the mackerel has a white belly with a mottled blue-black back broken up into horizontal bars. These colours and patterns make the mackerel less visible when viewed from below (against a light coloured sky) and the stripes resemble the pattern of light created by waves on the water surface.

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