Branding Design

Your brand should be communicating it’s core values and strengths to your audience using the appropriate visual language that will be quickly interpreted. Your audience has little time and needs the message to be quick and clear. A good brand communicates this message strategically across all their marketing, presentations, web design, packaging and shop design. I help position brands in the most effective way for their audience ….see more

Logo Design

A logo needs to sum up what your business offers, it’s values and USP within the context of that industry and culture in reduced simple shapes. It’s a tall order but there is a process to help get you there.

It may make you reevaluate what your business stands for or at the very least make your journey much clearer. Understanding what needs to be communicated and these messages right is the key step to creating a superb logo that sells….see more

Print Design

Print design can be expensive and should be used as a more targeted approach to reach your audience in ways that the web can’t. It’s a good way of keeping their attention for longer and if it’s designed beautifully with consideration for the paper and print effects like dye cutting or foil blocking it could be kept and treasured.

The context that the printed graphic will be seen in is also an important consideration. ….see more

Web Design

Website design changes faster than ever as the internet and it’s related technologies develop. SEO (Search engine optimisation) and responsive web design are now more important than ever. Creating a beautiful intuitive website that communicates the right information easily at the right time is only half that battle. I pull together experts in their field, web developers, SEO experts, photographers and copywriters to collaborate in creating the right bespoke solution for your website ….see more

Online marketing

Online marketing covers everything from Instagram posts, web banner design to cloud stored presentation designs and email marketing. It’s a fast, cheap and effective way of boosting your brand’s awareness and getting your message out to a targeted audience. Once you’ve built your brand identity it’s important to keep it consistent across all these mediums and to think carefully about how you target each market specifically… see more


Illustration is great way to inject some personality into your design. Using a specific style designed for your market, it can instantly make your market relate to you and emotionally connect with your product, service and brand.  A beautifully executed illustration can add wit, humour, personality, quirkiness or just make the message more approachable. An image paints a 1000 words and these can’t often be translated in any other way…… see more

Packaging Design

A great product needs great Packaging design to stand out from the competition. In an ever increasingly competitive market making your packaging eye catching and original is more important than ever. Your packaging design as well as the material choices makes a statement about your brand and its values, whether that’s a concern for the environmental or a high end luxury experience, the decisions made have a significant effect on sales…… see more


Infographics are a fantastic way to  communicate facts or ideas that words struggle to do quickly and effectively. They can aid interpretation in a way that focuses on the relationship between facts, the context and the connections that make information meaningful. This enables the design to be aesthetically and commercially effective. For an increasingly fast pace world, quick, effective communication of sometimes complex ideas is essential…. see more

Bespoke Wallpapers, Murals and 3D

This area of what I do is broader and harder to define in a title. Over the years I’ve designed paper sculptures for exhibition events, created personalised murals for residential interiors and surface pattern design for fashion accessories. The limits to what I can apply a design brief solving rational to are not limited to these things. To me it’s not that different what the medium is, it’s the message or emotion that needs communicating that drives the outcome. When you take design into the 3D space there are so many more ways to communicate the message.  see more