I’ve been making clothes since my mum taught me how when I was 9. She was a hippie and made or upcycled most of her clothes. We had an amazing fancy dress box growing up full of treasures like victorian hand sewn lace shirts, Romanian Gypsy dresses and sequin covered Indian silk culottes. I learnt to cut these up and make new things out of them, learning so much as I experimented.

When I started going to festivals my creating really took off as finally I found a space where you could really express yourself, not hold back and go full fabulous. I loved making feather headdresses with LED lights and fur lined sequin capes with secret pockets with useful tools like a lighter and emergency glitter on a chain so you didn’t loose it.

15 years into making these, I’m now making a collection to sell online.

Each vintage jacket is a one of a kind piece, handmade with extra fabulous detailing. Pimped to perfection. I still take commissions so get in touch if you have something in mind.

These gorgeous jackets are the perfect rave partner you’ll love forever.

festival party jackets
oversized hand knitted Cardigan shoulder detail
sequin festival denim jacket with chain fringe