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If you can allow your customers to find the humour, intelligence and emotion in your brand, you win over their hearts and ultimately their business.

Hi, I’m Polly Playford and I’ve been a freelance graphic designer for over 16 years.  I create beautiful, effective, attention grabbing design. My clients include large corporations like Boots, Pioneer and Adidas to small start ups, from a wide range of industries.

Let’s have a chat and discuss some ideas for your project.

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First impressions count. A strong brand identity has a huge impact on your business. In an ever faster commercial environment, we have less time to communicate our values.  With my knowledge and 14 years’ experience I can help you identify the right visual and cultural signs that will quickly and effectively link your brand with the right industry and market…  read more.

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Illustration is effective.  It can communicate the equivalent description quicker than it would take to read and it does that in a style that adds value to your brand by placing it subtly within cultural references. Illustrations engage your clients more emotionally and target your message more precisely than photography, making it commercially effective… read more.

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Print is more about experience than ever before. Since digital media is often where your customers head for their information, print can be a good opportunity to show off, directly into your client’s hand.  A luxury handmade paper, gold foil or die cut designs really engage memorably. The style of the design should be extension of your brand identity, communicating your values through images and forms… read more.

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Designing a website involves design, coding, photography and copywriting. Using a freelancer who collaborates with experts to create you a bespoke website costs a fraction of what a design agency charges. I’ve been collaborating with my developer for over 10 years on web projects from WordPress themes, app design to ecommerce websites. Call for to discuss your options… read more.

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Infographic design is a way of visualising facts and figures in a faster more effective way. Apart from looking visually more appealing and being a tool to expand your brand, they can show correlations and insight into the information that text can’t do alone… read more.

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Impulse is often the main driving factor behind a purchase. Impulse is generally motivated by emotions. Packaging, when done correctly and creatively, is ultimately what sells your product. It draws attention, sends a message, and makes consumers feel a certain way. Designing your packaging with this in mind is what will make it commercially viable… read more.


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“Polly is an inspiring and innovative designer and she produced a completely unique range for us that still held a fresh fashion-based look, despite having to overcome the challenge of working with our many in-house software limitations at the time. She always has new and interesting ideas for projects and is an adaptable and problem-solving designer.”

Natalie Edwards, Head of card design at Moonpig

“As we have worked with Polly from the very beginning of starting our business I would highly recommend other start-ups to invest in her experience and professionalism to get their branding spot-on, and also recommend more established businesses looking for a fresh rebrand. I look forward to many more years of working together.”

Reshmi BennetDirector at Anges De Sucre

I came to Polly after a disaster design experience which needed fast and efficient resurrection. Her creativity and professionalism was second to none. She managed to seamlessly understand the image which I wanted to portray and produce insightful design work which complimented my brand and image. I will most certainly use her again for years to come.

Veronica AmerelleDirector of Healed Souls