Branding for health drink


Branding design for health drink brand Rose and Gold

The client came to me with 2 rounds of logos from previous designers that she wasn’t happy with. The logos were’t quite there, they didn’t have enough reference to the product or the brand. We took it back to basics and looked at the iconography of the essential ingredients and explored  the science of mushroom to develop a mood board with plenty of visual ideas for the brand. We settled on a concept that explored the plant at the top and the mycelium underneath (essentially mushroom ‘root network’). Then we re-worked the colours and combined the new icon and full logo with different coloured versions of the ink in water shots from the photographer to create some of the marketing materials and the final brand guidelines. It worked very well together. It was a great project to work on as there was a broad range of visual elements related to the products that could be used to create some meaning in the logo. It also helped having a shared interest with the client in the science behind mushrooms as it ensured the research at the start of the project was extensive. The more research behind concepts there is at the start the better the outcome of the design . Next project will be the packaging.

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