Graphic Design for Moonpig Greeting Cards


This is just 6 cards from a range of 10 cards and mugs I designed for Moonpig using my own photography and collected vintage images from markets in Berlin and London.

I have worked for Moonpig, on a freelance basis, for over 3 years. During that time I created for them a photo upload card range (where the user can upload their own photo into the design), a festival t-shirt range, mugs, web banners, seasonal newsletters and web design, Tube adverts, info graphics, and branding for a new business area. I also art directed photoshoots with my photographer for various product ranges.  The Marketing Manager described me as ‘the best freelancer they had’. I also created a sub brand for each product area; gifts, flowers and Wines & Spirits and based the packaging around their branding. The illustrations I created could then be used across their other marketing material, like flyers and leaflets, which I also designed.

One kid wrote into Moonpig to say the photo upload birthday card, that I designed, was the best card he had ever received. That was nice to hear. Photo upload cards are great as they can be personalised. So you have design and a personal touch. The card with the black and white picture of the lion (which would be swapped out for a personal photo, if they wanted it) was selling 70 cards a day when the cards were released.

“Polly is an inspiring and innovative designer and she produced a completely unique range for us that still held a fresh fashion-based look, despite having to overcome the challenge of working with our many in-house software limitations at the time. She always has new and interesting ideas for projects and is an adaptable and problem-solving designer.”

– Natalie Edwards. Head of card design, Moonpig

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