Trippy eye t-shirt illustration


Trippy eye t-shirt illustrationTrippy eye t-shirt illustration

This is another design for Capture The Throne streetwear fashion brand. The t-shirt dress another design based on the same trippy theme. The briefs were so loose from this client, I was really able to play around with the theme. The only direction on this design was that it had to be trippy and feature clowns. I used a photo of space released rights for free from Nasa. I choose the make the scull clowns and clowns as balloons floating dangerously close to a spiky mine. There are fairly obvious drug references which the client was pretty keen on. This luxury brand appealed to a young market. Here’s another design I created for the brand. Can you spot the hidden body parts?

I created this illustration for a black denim shirt, as modelled by sexy Zara for fashion brand Capture the Throne. The illustration was inspired by Midnight Gospel, a really good adult animated series on Netflix that covers really interesting philosophical topics with super trippy surreal imagery.

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