Social media graphics for Colgate

social media  graphics for Colgate


Social Media Graphics for Colgate

Cohn and Wolf PR agency, who I have worked for on other projects, like their branding development and the Pandora illustration project asked me back for some more graphic design. This time it was for Colgate the toothpaste brand. They needed social media images for their campaign to launch their new Teeth Whitening product. I created some illustrations to show what can affect the brightness of your teeth. I also sourced some imagery for their banner ads. The funny thing was, as I was scrolling through hundreds of images of women yawning on the online photo library I was yawning the whole time. I only had to look at images of people yawning to yawn myself. It became a bit of a hindrance as my eyes kept watering and it became hard to see the screen. This was rather an unexpected side effect. Anyway, they were happy with the designs.

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