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28 September 2015

Art Direction & Styling

I was asked by a woman who makes hand spun yarn to create her some branding. I thought she needed more than just a logo, she needed a new angle on yarn that was further from grannies knitting and closer to sexy fashion images. So as well as creating her a logo and website I…

28 September 2015

My Berlin sketch book

When I moved to Berlin, I started a sketch book that I filled with things I’d found, photos, sketches and quotes. I filled the book in about 2 years and it’s now one of my most precious things I own as it reminds me of everything that happened there, better than anything else could. I…

21 September 2015

Tahoe Teleidoscope

I created this image by cutting out my boyfriend Chris and replacing him with the view of him through my teleidoscope. I played around with the colours a little.