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27 June 2017

Crest Tattoo Design for Friend

  I sketched this Crest Tattoo Design for 2 Friends of mine, Rob and Fairy. They are husband and wife and are planning on getting this same tattoo.  Rob asked for a different take on the traditional family crest. There are over 10 personalised elements in there that mean something to them, from references of…

20 June 2017

Me at work – Creative workspace

Me at work –  Creative workspace This is where I get most of my work done. I also have a studio next door with all the material, trimmings, tools, paints, drills, sewing machines and space to make a great creative mess. I’ll post the photo of that space another time my lovely blog readers. #wheredesignmeets.  #workspace

13 June 2017

Headdress Design Festival Fashion

Headdress Design Festival Fashion These are some of the headdresses and festival fashion pieces I have made over the past few years. They have been sold at events and commissioned by individuals. There’s many more that I have made but I simply haven’t had the time to photograph them. Please get in touch if you’d like one…