I’ve collected interesting information and beautiful images here for you to be inspired by.

22 October 2015

Lake Tahoe Teleidoscope Photograph

  This is a photograph I took of my boyfriend Chris in Lake Tahoe, 2 days after Burning Man festival. I took an photograph of him that I’d taken through my Teleidoscope (like a kaleidoscope but it’s reflections with internal mirrors rather than looking through coloured shapes) and superimposed it on Chris’s silhouette. I think it…

12 October 2015

More Beautiful Photography

More Beautiful Photography. I love the way these images look like paintings or illustrations. I also like the colour pallet and how they are all quite similar. These I found

5 October 2015

Tissue Fringe Picture I created

This is a Tissue Fringe Picture I created for a party. My boyfriend added the lights and the fan underneath to make the whole thing more of an installation that a wall decoration. The sound is great too.

5 October 2015

Striking Monocrome Photography

I’ve been collecting amazing images for my internal visual library and I thought I’d share these with you. They’re mostly from fffound and other places. Beautiful. They make me want to go to the sea for a brisk windy coastal walk. Striking Monocrome Photography

5 October 2015

Beautiful Images

Here’s some beautiful images… to keep your heads full of lovely visuals for your future creativity. Feed the internal visual library!