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31 January 2018

Ice cream and fruit headdress turban

Ice cream and fruit headdress turban This is a commission I created for an ice cream/ desert themed party. I decided on an all pink and sweet and shinny affair that was comfy and didn’t slide about too much if the birthday girl fancied a bit of head banging. The chilli added a little attitude, the…

17 October 2017

Battery powered flower headdress

This is a Battery powered flower headdress I made for a festival. It is made from a shell base with jewels, feathers, fake flowers and fairy lights. The battery pack is really small and not heavy as it’s designed for a watch so it’s quite comfortable to wear. The heaviest thing is the shells. The…

1 September 2017

Party goat collage illustration

So thanks to a great recommendation from my friend Claudia Wilde (yes I know she has an excellent name too), I’ve been maximising on the British Libraries new FREE online image resource. It’s amazing. I spent hours looking through, travelling through a world history from the past few hundred years by way of illustrations. The range…

13 June 2017

Headdress Design Festival Fashion

Headdress Design Festival Fashion These are some of the headdresses and festival fashion pieces I have made over the past few years. They have been sold at events and commissioned by individuals. There’s many more that I have made but I simply haven’t had the time to photograph them. Please get in touch if you’d like one…

20 February 2017

Wedding Stationary Design & Accessories

This is the wedding stationary I designed and made for my wedding. I used vintage etchings, botanical illustrations and disco balls for the imagery. I made a freshwater pearl, glass flower bead and cut glass and mother of pearl brow chain for the wedding day, pearl and glass bead hair clips for the 7 brides maids…

16 February 2017

Freelance Designer London

Glitter Necklace by Polly Playford Design This is a necklace I designed, made and photographed. I photographed it on a mirror I had etched with acid to give it a mottled effect for an interior design project I was working on. The crystals in blue and pink come from one of those crystal trees you…