Pattern design

I’ve collected interesting information and beautiful images here for you to be inspired by.

12 March 2018

Coloured ink bubble painting

  Coloured ink bubble painting I created this Coloured ink bubble painting with a bubble expert of mine ‘bubbles’. She found the perfect mix of bubble mixture, previously developed with my husband, and ink so that the bubbles were light enough to float but vibrant enough to leave a mark on the paper. I then ran…

8 May 2017

Personalised Wallpaper Design

Personalised Wallpaper Design I created this personalised wallpaper design for an interior design client I had last year. They asked me to decorate their flat and buy homeware and some furniture. I enjoyed going to markets and art galleries to pick out the right items for them. The flat started as a white box with…

1 February 2017

Bespoke wallpaper design

Bespoke wallpaper design So I created this design from some ink textures I painted on watercolour paper for another branding project. I also used some old botanical prints of hydrangeas and leaves and scanned in graph paper for some detail. There’s also a bird wing with a photo of feather textures inside it. I used the…