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27 November 2015

Organic Architecture

Guest Blog Post  – 26th November 2015 Frank Lloyd Wright’s so-called Fallingwater House rephrased the expression ‘organic’ in the history of architecture. His creation does not only borrow shapes and materials from nature, but actually becomes one with it. Forest, stream, rock, concrete and wood combined so organically that you become unable to tell the…

23 November 2015

Stock Imagery

Stock Imagery is often rubbish. 99% the images on istock and shutterstock is cheesy or cliche, especially when it comes to images of people.  Moonpig have a range of cards that allow you to upload your own images into the design. When I was creating them a range of photo upload cards I needed to find…

9 November 2015

Architecture and free creation

Architecture and free creation This Week’s Guest Blog Post – By Eniko Toth (Architecture Graduate) I wish. I wish gravity and rainwater didn’t make it so hard to create freely. Experimenting with masses, materials, textures and surfaces without having to think about heat insulation or load bearing beams sounds like a dream come true. And then…