Architecture and free creation

Architecture free creation

Architecture and free creation

This Week’s Guest Blog Post – By Eniko Toth (Architecture Graduate)

I wish. I wish gravity and rainwater didn’t make it so hard to create freely. Experimenting with masses, materials, textures and surfaces without having to think about heat insulation or load bearing beams sounds like a dream come true. And then there is electricity top consider, heating and God forbid plumbing with all the wires, pipes and those fairly unattractive chimneys and bathroom windows that end the facade fairytale. These things are quite handy on an everyday basis when you are a human being, not a cow.

With all this information in the back of our mind, let’s forget it all for a sec shall we? Let form do whatever it wants and function will follow – if it can keep up with it at all.

Ensamble  – Architecture Studio doesn’t really seem to struggle when it comes to creating freely. They thought, why not dig a hole in the ground, fill it with bails of hay and pour concrete around it? What is it going to be? Not sure yet, but I like the idea of raw and simple design. Their next step was to remove the earth around the mass then cut a whole into the stone and let Paulina the cow inside to eat the hay. Are you joking? No, this is serious. Seriously genius. There you have your 25m2 interior with a view over the Atlantic Ocean. One single space that has room for a bed, shower, tap, toilet and a fireplace. No overcomplicated regulations to follow, nor a single care given about it’s general looks. It seems like there are no rules just imagination and creation play. Like naughty children doing what their told not to.


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