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Glitter Necklace by Polly Playford Design

freelance graphic  designer london

freelance graphic london

This is a necklace I designed, made and photographed. I photographed it on a mirror I had etched with acid to give it a mottled effect for an interior design project I was working on. The crystals in blue and pink come from one of those crystal trees you can grown from a kit. I got that one from my brother for Christmas, on the same year I bought him one. Great minds.

The necklace is ideal for festivals, especially when you come across a festival goer with not enough glitter on… you can sort their face right out. They’re sure to be very grateful and might in exchange give you something exciting. There’s also the glitter slap. It’s an alternative way of applying glitter to the face. You start by licking their face (which is always fun at a festival), then put some glitter in your hand and give them a good slap around the face. It wakes them up and makes them sparkle whilst simultaneously entertaining those around you. Win Win Win.

I’d be happy to make one of these for you, dear reader, you can request the colour of glitter and the charms attached. The options are HUGE and the price, is small. Starting at £28 for a necklace. E-mail me with your necklace design request.

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