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25 May 2016

Colour, Pattern, Texture and Shine

I love the shine of Mackerel scales and the rainbow of colours of petrol on water. It’s interesting to think that nature often uses these features to camouflage. Unlike my husband photographed at Burning Man, he takes shine seriously and wants to stand out, which of course he does. That’s why he made that fabulous cape…

28 September 2015

Art Direction & Styling

I was asked by a woman who makes hand spun yarn to create her some branding. I thought she needed more than just a logo, she needed a new angle on yarn that was further from grannies knitting and closer to sexy fashion images. So as well as creating her a logo and website I…

20 August 2015

Fiend Festival Headdress Workshop

I was invited by Shoreditch House to run a festival headdress workshop. I brought along my Fiend designs for inspiration and all the materials and tools needed and let them loose on it. I was there to help advise. Some were reluctant to sew and preferred the glue gun whilst others made a more thorough…