Art for Interior design

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Art for Interior design

I’ve been straying off the computer and creating large abstract textured art work designed specifically for interior spaces I have been desinging. It’s been very enjoyable and has led to various jobs for event design, including my paper sculptures in the Saatchi Gallery for the Salon QP exhibition.

The navy cock feathers are hand sewn onto material and then stretched over a wooden frame. This was designed and made by Polly Playford Design for a residential house in Surrey, for which I was creating the interior design. The colours are rich and dense with flecks of brown. It beautifully absorbs the light with the rich texture. It’s somewhere in between art and surface design. The resident kittens enjoy this piece of art too, having attacked it on several occasions assuming it’s a giant bird.

The silver tissue and tinsel piece was hand cut and applied to a board. It’s a little less serious and moves beautifully in the breeze. We took this piece out for an event and had a fan blowing on it and a tube light hung over it. It looked great.

If you have a space that needs original decoration, get in touch for prices on bespoke commissions.

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