Illustration - Client : Paper flower sculpture at the saatchi Gallery

paper flower sculpture telegraph events

Freelance Designer London

Telegraph events were running a fine watch event for Salon QP Magazine at the Saatchi Gallery on the Kings Road in Chelsea, London. I designed and made a 20 meter long paper flower sculpture for one of the rooms in the Saatchi Gallery. The brief was fairly open, I was asked to design a wall treatment that had impact and a hand crafted feel as the room had fine watch craftsmen doing live demos of enamelling, carving, etc. I decided on paper flowers as it’s a relatively cheap was of filling the space in a creative way. I designed the flower shapes, about 12 different petal and leaf shapes and got 150 A2 copies laser cut, thanks to in 5 different GF Smith colour plan colours. I then, with the help of Melodie Tyrer and Mary as my lovely assistants, glue gunned the petal shapes together and stuck them to the wall. There were an infinite number of petal combinations with the 5 colours that really allowed me to get creative on the 20 meter wall. It was a very enjoyable project and was very well received by the event organisers and the watch manufactures exhibiting at the Saatchi.

I’ve since been asked to use the flowers on the interiors for 2 houses and a tree house since this exhibition. The flowers are popular.


– Paper flower sculpture at the saatchi Gallery


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