Art Museums and Galleries in Vienna

In Vienna last week I visited an art gallery called the Art Supermarket that sells affordable art at 3 set prices under £500. It’s a great model I thought. The owner, who is a friend of a friend, has asked me to send him some of my work to potentially sell there. This is exciting. I’ve got such a huge variation in the ‘art’ I create it’s going to be hard to nail it down to one direction. My preferred direction is my collage and mixed media 3D framed pieces. One of these, with the bird scull, is in an earlier blog post.

We also visited the museums quater to the Velazquez in the Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History) as well as the modern art history museum book shop which I could have spent all day in.

Thought I’d post a picture of the apartment stairs we stayed in, with Tina, my Austrian friend and what looks like my moon landing.


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