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Paper Sculpture Visual Merchandising
6 April 2018

Paper Sculpture Visual Merchandising

Paper Sculpture Visual Merchandising These paper sculptures I made using my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine and coloured card. The layouts were first made for a wedding table centre but they’ve grown out of the plain white and evolved to something a bit more exotic and a little more exciting. The next project is making a…

16 March 2018

Beautiful design needs really great copy

This is an eloquently put guest blog post by my copy writer Olly Davy:   Beautiful design needs really great copy   Imagine you’re in a department store. A good-looking shop assistant catches your eye. You ask for help but they ignore you completely and rant incoherently about their weekend. You’re not likely to stick around,…

12 March 2018

Coloured ink bubble painting

  Coloured ink bubble painting I created this Coloured ink bubble painting with a bubble expert of mine ‘bubbles’. She found the perfect mix of bubble mixture, previously developed with my husband, and ink so that the bubbles were light enough to float but vibrant enough to leave a mark on the paper. I then ran…

31 January 2018

Ice cream and fruit headdress turban

Ice cream and fruit headdress turban This is a commission I created for an ice cream/ desert themed party. I decided on an all pink and sweet and shinny affair that was comfy and didn’t slide about too much if the birthday girl fancied a bit of head banging. The chilli added a little attitude, the…

paper-spikes-wall-3D-installation freelance designers
15 January 2018

3D Paper Spikes

3D Paper Spikes I made these 3D paper spikes as a test for an event design project I’m hoping to do in London. I wanted to test the arrangement at a smaller size and then scale it up. The idea eventually will be to make them all out of white card and splash paint all over them….

28 December 2017

London Creative Workshops Huffington Post

London Creative Workshops Huffington Post Go have a look at my Pompom headband tutorial on Huffington Post. It will show you how to make this easy headband in about half an hour. It’s pretty cheap too and will last you years if you look after it. One warning, the more you add to it the…

swallow watercolour illustration
10 November 2017

Swallow Watercolour Illustration

  Swallow Watercolour Illustration I created for a pillow case design for The Mint List ecommerce website. That’s my next thing folks; homeware. Come and get it! I hope the pillows and tea-towels will be available to buy soon. I’ll keep you posted.

31 October 2017

Indoor Treehouse we made

This is an Indoor Treehouse we made in our house in South West London. It’s made from reclaimed barn wood by The foliage I made out of old material I had knocking about, it’s basically a rag rug on the ceiling stapled to a wooden frame. There’s a trap door in the bottom of…

17 October 2017

Battery powered flower headdress

This is a Battery powered flower headdress I made for a festival. It is made from a shell base with jewels, feathers, fake flowers and fairy lights. The battery pack is really small and not heavy as it’s designed for a watch so it’s quite comfortable to wear. The heaviest thing is the shells. The…

22 September 2017

Birthday Card Design

Birthday Card Design This is the Birthday Card Design I created for my grandmother in law. She turns 90 this year so it’s gotta be worth a bespoke card design. I used some pressed flowers from the garden as well as the laser cut flowers I created for the fine watch show in the Satcchi gallery….