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Depending on the type on content you have, infographics might be a much better route than blocks of text. It takes longer to design but it’s well worth it if you want the information to be understood quickly and effectively. In some cases it can show correlations and insight that text can’t do on it’s own.


The well knows phrases ‘A picture paints a 1000 words’ is well known for a reason. You can get much more information across as there are more visual devices in the tool kit at hand to aid interpretation rather than just words alone. If the infographics and icons are designed well it allows people to scan over the infographic and pick out the info they want to read. It will also provide another medium with which to express your brand visuals, rooting your brand in the visual dialogue of your target market, linking them together. The illustrative quality of your infographic can add whit, character, personality and nuances that language alone won’t be able to communicate.


If, like me your customers are visual creatures, treat them to something they want to look at and engage them with your message.

Case Study Infographic Project Multiple

PHD Media Core Values

This was one of the initial infographics I designed for the multinational media agency. The final one they went with had a flat brain icon which I didn’t think was quite as visually engaging so I’ve decided to show you this one. I think the 3 dimensions help to illustrate the core values in a more literal way. The paint splats and colour make it look young and modern, as their brand’s values dictate.

Software Company

This is an info-graphic design I created for Rosslyn Analytics, a software company, to explain the process of their core technology. The shapes and colours help to give more meaning to the words in order to aid understanding of this otherwise not very visual process.

Moonpig Timeline

This infographic design described the life of the Moonpig brand from it’s conception to present day (well 2012 when it was created anyway). The style needed to be light hearted, witty and with character, to reflect the brand’s values. I used images to add more information and illustrations to inform and also to tie the look and feel in together so it didn’t look too messy.