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Interactive Infographic ebook Design for Hemsley Fraser


Hemsley Fraser create business training courses and ebooks. ‘We exist to make working life better & know learning is the key. Inspiring you & transforming your business… it’s what we do’.

I was asked to re-design all their 16 ebooks in a more exciting, interactive and engaging format. They range for 20 – 50 pages per book and this process took over 3 months. Previously the layout had been very corporate with unexciting stock imagery of unconvincing ‘fake’ conversations between businessmen. I wanted to bring the content alive by using imagery that stimulates the users into thinking about the information, not just some vaguely related cliche to pad out the page. I think my dyslexia helped me on this project as I was able to visualise the information more easily. For me visuals stay in my memory much longer than text.

I used black and white vintage photography to portray human interaction as they were so obviously staged that it didn’t insult the viewer’s intelligence and instead added a touch of comedy. I introduced textures to create depth and a more human organic feel. This was often combined with vector illustrations to provide contrast and to divide the content up so it was easily readable.

We visual created a language for the series that allowed the user to instinctively know which bits were clickable and kept that consistent throughout along with progress bars at the top right and re-cap pages to test their memory. The interactive features were implemented by Fluid Books with instruction from me and the team at HF.

Please get in contact if you want to see any of these books in full.

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