- Client : Elephants in the Cloud Kids Wallpaper



Elephants in the Cloud Kids Wallpaper

This is a children’s repeat pattern wallpaper I designed. I illustrated these clouds and added a few little characters from my vintage image library. The elephants and the dog were from my Grandmother’s pictures books from the 1930s. The bird winged aeroplane laying eggs was from a project from a while ago inspired by the Natural History Museum, linking engineering developments to nature.

These little characters can be interchanged for something that has more meaning to you. Maybe it could be your little kid’s self portrait. Or I can set up a craft workshop with your kids and the resulting creations can be involved into the designs. The options are endless.

The wallpaper is printed to fit the wall exactly. It arrives on one roll with a dotted line to indicate where you cut it. The next width of wallpaper will match up automatically. With regular large repeat wallpaper bought by the roll you have to buy extra so that you can be sure the pattern will match up. It’s this waste you can avoid with my digital design system. Easy.

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