Branding for copywriter


sam loves copy

Branding design & illustration for a Copywriter  Sam Loves Copy, UK

Sam Scott is a copywriter and she asked me to create some branding design for her. She loves colour and has a big personality. I suggested creating some watercolour illustrations that reflected her personality whilst also showing her creativity, passion and individual character. That way the abstract shapes add interest and brand identity without relying on overused cheesy serious photos.

I created some marks and textures using inks, gold powder and watercolours that could be used across her branding design to give it a personal and cohesive look and feel. The marks are quite random and rely on the structure of the paper, the behaviour of liquids and gravity in their definition. Having a bank of organic hand made visuals and clean vector marks to contrast are very useful for print and web marketing. Copywriting as a service doesn’t come with a huge amount of strong visuals, unlike say a photographer architect, so it’s essential to create original and interesting visuals to give her branding impact. Once the style has been established it’s then quite simple to make that work across different mediums. Photography of Sam and her work station was then worked into the organic marks so that the visuals were all consistent. Sam was very happy with the result and I’m now working on more marketing materials for her, this time it’s printed material.

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