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Online Marketing Design

Online marketing is cheap and has no limit to the number of people it can reach globally. You can target the audience by choosing the right website for your banner advert or find the right profile for your social media posts to make sure you’re hitting the right market. Emailing all your past clients am integrated HTML e newsletter with flashy animated gifs, strong images and links to buy your products is an engaging and effective way to get your products out there. It’s also fast, you can update your presentation or online brochure and upload it to your website with any last minute changes without having to worry about re-print and postage costs.

With all these options available you need to make sure you have a clear strategy. Targeting who you want, finding out what they need and communicating them an offer or simply driving traffic to your site is something you need to consider before any design starts. I can help you plan and execute this strategy effectively. Making sure your brand identity is maintained throughout all your marketing whether it’s online or print, is also important. That said for some more creative brands, making sure your message is still fresh and engaging is also a challenge, you can have too much consistency to the point where it gets boring.

Case Study Online Marketing Design Project Multiple


I was asked, in 2012, to design nearly every aspect of design for Moonpig, from greetings cards, web design, web banners, email campaigns, t-shirt designs, infographics, mugs, tube adverts and packaging. I created a sub brand for each area; gifts, flowers and Wines & Spirits. The illustrations I created for each of their seasonal offers could then be used across their other marketing material. I worked closely with their in house web developers to turn my layered photoshop file designs into working code. I also art directed photoshoots with my photographer for various product ranges to create the adverts for web and print adverts for the tube in London.


Cohn and Wolf PR agency, who I have worked for on other projects, (branding development and the Pandora illustration project) needed online marketing for their client Colgate. They needed social media images for their campaign to launch their new Teeth Whitening product. I created some illustrations, sourced imagery and arranged the text and images for their banner ads.

Zeus Ecosystems

I am Art Director for Zeus Ecosystems, creating all the branding, printed stationary, online social. I created a White-paper document which was available for download on their website and an investment deck which was email to prospective investors. I tried to use graphics to display the information to aid speedy interpretation and addd visual interest.