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Illustration, whether they’re created using pencils, watercolours, paper or Adobe Illustrator are a great way of adding character to branding, marketing or any other visual message you are communicating. A picture paints 1000 words, communicating some emotions that words would struggle to do.

With Illustration you can involve humour with more effect. Using a style trend will attract a young fashion conscious audience.

Illustrations are more easily recognised and stick in your memory longer. They’re good tools to associate with your brand in order to connect with a sub culture or age group. Once you have that illustration associated with your brand you can use it across a range of media more effectively that a logo. The more you paste your logo over everything in an illustrative way to add visual interest, the more everything looks the same which can look like you’re forcing the brand without much thought.


Case Study Illustration Project Multiple

T-shirt Illustration

I created these animal character illustrations for a range of T-shirts for Can Do. The charity helps local Syrians by crowd funding their humanitarian projects providing food aid, psychological training and education. They needed the characters to have some personality and humour as the charity wanted to inspire people instead of using fear or guilt to influence them into donating. I used the skin and fur texture from animal photographs in order to add depth and texture.

Wedding Illustration

This illustration was designed to be screen printed onto vintage hankies to be taken away by the wedding guests as a keepsake. It was made from Victorian etchings and illustrations arranged into a collage in Photoshop. The flowers and colours were designed to match the bride’s bouquet and colour scheme.

Packaging Illustration

This illustration was for tea packaging for a Patisserie brand based in West London. I created these pretty vintage illustration based on inconography of the region the tea was from all in silhouette for brand style consistency. I’d created the branding and a branded wallpaper design before this and we needed to keep the style very similar. I also created many other things for her brand from the website, printed stationary to signage and uniform for her staff.

Illustration for Branding

Sam Scott, a copywriter loved colour and had a big personality so I suggested creating some abstract water colour illustrated shapes and textures that reflected her personality whilst also showing her creativity, passion, flow and individual character.That way the abstract shapes add visual interest and brand identity without relying on overused personality free stock imagery photos. I created some marks and textures using coloured inks and gold powder and water colour that could be used across her branding design to give it a personal and cohesive look and feel.Having a bank of organic hand made visuals and clean vector marks to contrast are very useful for print and web marketing as copywriting isn’t a visual industry.