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A strong brand identity has a huge impact on a business. A logotype is not enough. The process of creating a brand identity enables the client to redefine what their brand is all about, what it stands for, how it is different and how to communicate this. By creating a brand identity that covers the look and feel and tone of voice across all the online and print marketing, packaging and advertising it helps people understand what they are offering and to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market. That look and feel would cover fonts, colour pallet, icons, patterns, shapes photography style and other brand assets created for use across all their marketing platform, building a bigger picture to communicate their values in more ways than just a logo can.


As a freelance branding designer based in Kingston, london I have worked on a huge variety of briefs over the years. With my knowledge and interest in youth culture, music, fashion as well as huge range of industries that I have been involved with over the years I can help you identify the right visual signs that will link your brand with those sub cultures. You want your market to identify with your brand emotionally and intellectually.


In an ever faster commercial environment we have less time to communicate more values. This is why simple signs and strong forms are essential. It needs to take a second to interpret. Every part of the brand at every point of contact with the market should be singing these values clearly, loudly and with originality in order to sell.

Case Study Branding Project Arch Owl Consulting

I developed this brand identity for a group of higher educational consultants. I didn’t want to be too obvious and just use an owl illustration which is what they were imaging. Instead I used an owl feather as it communicates more to the viewer than an owl. Owl is already in the title but feather communicates flight and the idea of a quill that says writing in an established old traditional way, much like the universities they work for. A feathers is also clever from of engineering material point of view with some impressive features; light waterproof, insulating, aids flight oh and they’re beautiful.

I developed an icon along side the logo design for these consultants that could be used as a favicon, on social media and other areas that need smaller branded elements. The client didn’t want their brand to look too stuffy or inflexible. Instead it needs to look modern without losing it’s traditional connections. I decided to use the font to reflect this modern approachable feel.

I created the colour scheme as per the direction of the client. They wanted a more natural subdued pallet. I used watercolours to illustrate the feather to give it organic natural texture that evokes established quality, honesty and natural origins. This feather paint texture would be used for letterheads, business cards and other stationary, presentation and marketing design.