Social media campaign for a charity 

Social media design campaign charity 

Social media design campaign charity

I was asked by Rolla, at Can Do Action, a charity that help fund local humanitarians in Syria, to help design some camping launch imagery for their social media. Facebook and e-mail are the main ways they reach their audience. This non profit charity are changing the way charities collect and redistribute money to where it’s needed, reducing the huge fund gap, allowing 100% of the money to go to the cause, rather than the typical 1% that normally gets through with the big charities. By using crowd funding and working with local humanitarians on specific projects you can see where the money goes and how your money is actually helping. I was inspired by Rola’s trip to Alleop in December 2016. She raised £300,000 in a couple of weeks over crowd funding and collected doctors and truck full of equipment and drove it to Syria on Christmas Eve. They repurposed a bombed building and built a children’s hospital. Rola, a friend of mine,  is a Syrian doctor who has lived in London for years. She had lost lots of friends and family in the war and wanted to do something about it. I asked if there was anything I could do to help, a day before she left with the truck. She thought we could do with some way of showing the people of Allepo some of the message from people who had donated money to the cause. I suggested making some bunting (square pray flag shapes rather than triangle shapes as that’s too village fete!) and hand writting the messages on the flags in both languages. So I was up frantically sewing over 30 meters of bunting, in order to drop it round to her before the truck left. I enjoyed being involved in such a fantastic cause and helping Rola, who is an incredible person that I’ve kept helping. These 4 images I created are for the 4 campaigns that were created for the launch. We needed to re evaluated the imagery used by charities as this charity was changing the industry standard. I suggested we ‘draw’ in the change our campaigns were hoping to make. We wanted to show the positive action that could be taken rather than simply playing on the guilt or sympathies a viewer might have seeing an image of war.

Seeing as these images are designed to be seen above the description of the campaign, I’ll give a little info on each one:

Image 1 – Insan (Women with flowers)

A psychological program helping women recover the effects of war.

Image 2 – Bihar (Women hugging)

Protection services for vulnerable communities

Image 3 – Hurras (Kid with magazine)

A kids educational magazine distributed to the besieged areas to teach them about peace and how to cope in war.

Image 4 – Ghiras Al Nahda (drawn Mushrooms)

Sending mushroom growing kits to to war zones to allow them to grow their own essential protein

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