Presentation Design

Presentation Design

Presentation Design for Print & Web plus Branding, Marketing & Web Design for Zeus

Zeus Systems is a company with a very modern new approach to project management and payment, specifically in the construction industry.

‘Zeus Systems provides transparency in payment practises effecting fundamental change in the construction industry by using Blockchain technology.
The token system incentivises good behaviour in the supply chain, ensuring greater efficiency and quality of projects.’

I was brought in at the start as Art Director & Graphic Designer. I’m in charge of all things visual, from the branding, web design and print marketing to the app design and social media. I wanted to communicate the concepts of future technology, simple clear transparency and construction. I kept the graphics on trend with the galaxy images, colours and gradients. I referenced the construction industry with the technical drawings and simple transparency with the clearing clouds animated in the website , which also references Zeus, God of the Sky and thunder. The branding needed to be strong and trustworthy and modern. I used a thunderbolt in the logo, to reference the God which shows the strength and solid stability of the brand values.

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