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Bespoke Wallpapers, Murals and 3D

Bespoke Wallpapers & Murals

I got into interior design through helping my husband design the interior’s of the properties he developed.  When I was designing a space in one of the rooms, choosing colours and tiles, I imagined an ideal painting in my head to go in that space. Seeing as I have capability I thought I’d try and design what I had in my head and see how expensive bespoke wallpaper printing was. Thankfully digital printing had developed and the price for digital one off print runs were not as expensive as I’d researched a few years back, when I was looking into printing a repeat pattern wallpaper I designed. Better still, you can design the whole wall on the computer, send it off to the printer and they produce a number of wallpaper rolls that when cut match up exactly to your design. This allows you to use the physical features of the space, like a door frame or wall lamp in your design. You could in theory have a gradient across the whole room with flowers exploding from the light switches. This got my creative juices flowing. I’ve since added a new dimension into the equation; personalisation. Because this is designed for that client I can involve something they care about into the design for a truly bespoke service. I’ve hidden friends in miniature form behind leaves so that they can’t be seen unless you look close. I had the family members trapped in bubbles in an underwater scene. For one client I created a simple geometric pattern from the shapes of their pets with their initials subtly placed in a corner.

3D Paper Sculptures

This side of what I do, stemmed from years of helping decorate weddings, birthdays and events for my friends and family. Many of the skills I learnt as a child making my own jewellery and clothing aged 9 with the encouragement of my mum who was an artist and interior designer. Paper was one of the most enjoyable materials to work with, partly as it’s cheap but also as it’s very flexible and quick to put together. I’ve since covered 20m walls in the Sacchi Gallery with paper flowers for a fine watch show run by the Telegraph, created 3D paper gems for wedding table centres and paper tassel paintings for residential properties.


Case Study Bespoke Wallpapers, Murals and 3D Project Multiple

Residential Bathroom Mural

This collage of vintage victorian botanical prints is composed around a rectangle frame to give it grounding and make it less like it’s floating and more like a painting. There are over 40 friends photographic hidden in the collage. Some hang from branches (these pictures were taken specifically for the mural) while others sit on the back of birds whilst playing guitar. There are some who just have their head with the body of a butterfly and other family members who’s heads are buds on a flower. We colour matched the F&B paint so it fit with the rest of the 3 walls (just).

Residential Bespoke Wallpaper

This bespoke simple geometric repeat pattern wallpaper design was created from the poodles and horses belonging to the client. I was interior designer working on their flat in London and this wallpaper was designed to go in the guest bedroom open closet in a recess of the room. I also added both the client’s initial in the design for that extra level of personalisation.

Tinsel Painting

This was a commission for a party to go behind the DJ booth but it was kept and sits above their fireplace. It’s made from 4 or 5 shades of tissue paper cut into tassels and stuck on. For the event it had a fan blowing up from the bottom and some classy lighting, it looked fabulous.

3D Paper Sculpture

This was an paper sculpture experiment I created for a luxury design show. I needed to see what a small scale version would look like. I’m hoping we get the go ahead, the proposed venue is Somerset house and once we get lights involved this will look really very good.

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