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Tea brand ‘Zafran’ asked me to design their packaging, illustration and logo. I created water colour illustrations for their flavours and the story of the brand, it’s origins and practices. For the packaging design, which I’ll post picture of when I have the tea tins, was made from vintage Persian imagery using the repeat diamond brand shape. The images help to create a rich visual language, giving the brand authenticity and and interesting historical context. These were also used for the brochure which you can see here.

Tea brochure design with illustrations

Tea brochure design with illustrations

Above are a few selected pages from the tiny tea brochure inserted into the tea tin. I created this brochure design with illustrations for a tea brand called Zafran. They grown the saffron for the tea in Afghanistan, where they employ women specifically to help balance out the inequality. The Persian origins of the tea are a great resource for rich imagery to add visual interest, bolstering the brand values of authenticity and quality. For the Illustrations I used watercolour paint, found imagery and vector shapes. I’d created the diamond shape as a part of their brand identity adding structure and ensuring there was a consistent look and feel across all the media.

I recommended copywriter Rebecca Quigley to create the copy for the brochure, who I have worked with before. She did an excellent job with the copy, coming up with the phrase ‘plant peace not war’, bringing the best out in the brand.

Tea brochure design with illustrations.

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