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packaging-design-london-freelance-designer-Packaging for Packaging designer London for Patisserie

I was approached by a client to create the branding, marketing, packaging and website for her new company. I thought it would be good to create a wallpaper as part of the branding to use for the packaging and pulling out elements for the letterhead, business cards and leaflets. So I pulled pretty vintage illustration elements together with the angel I created for the logo to create the pattern. I designed everything from the macaron boxes, labels and bags to the staff aprons, metal work shop sign, brochures and leaflets.

Testimonial:”Working with Polly Playford, as our main freelance graphic designer, on creating our brand has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Thanks so much, Polly, for realising my vision for our brand so well. It’s been 3 years on from the beginning of our business and everything from our branding elements created from scratch back then continues to be relevant and translates so well across our website, printed stationery, packaging, social media and all other promotional material! As we have worked with Polly from the very beginning of starting our business I would highly recommend other start-ups to invest in her experience and professionalism to get their branding spot-on, and also recommend more established businesses looking for a fresh rebrand. I look forward to many more years of working together.” – Reshmi Bennet – Anges De Sucre Director

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