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Pattern Design – Tropical Leaves

I created this mural pattern design from some oil pastel drawings I created from some photos I took in Australia. I was visiting a friend and she lived in a rainforest jungle in what can inly be described as a tree house. She had bright red parrots that landed on her balcony every day like pets. She named one after me…. naturally with a name like Polly that sort of thing is going to happen. As a graphic designer in London I have less tropical inspiration around so I need to make the most of what tropical vibes I can get. I’m going to use this design as basis for a painted garden wall mural in a house in Surrey. The garden wall has an old barn window frame mounted on the wall and it’s crying out for an image to be painted in the middle. I thought a centred illustration would be too central with the 3 window framed shapes around. So I thought a pattern would sit better against the wall and sit back a little, giving the plants around it more emphasis.  I’ll put up the photos when it is complete.

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