Branding - Client : Freelance Vlogger Brand Identity Design


Freelance Vlogger Brand Identity Design

Anchormum is the brand name for a vlogger, an ex Sky news presenter, who creates comedy videos of her and her family life for her Youtube channel. The challenge was to create a brand identity that was retro¬†news style without being too serious and reflecting the client’s personality. The simple pink and grey silvery shades with clear simple patternless backgrounds made it her own personal style. The font style and angle made it a bit retro, whilst the globe and arrow wrapped around it reflected¬†classic news graphics. The retro news style was a nod to the film ‘Anchorman’, as well as the name of course. I created graphic elements to extend the branding to help make the banner graphics and Instagram images more interesting and in keep the brand identity consistent across all social media.

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