Branding - Client : Festival branding and web design

Festival branding and web design

Festival branding and web design

I worked in the Mama office on create a brand identity, print and web graphics for this new 2 week long festival ‘ One House’ in Clapham Common during the London Olympics. The festival was created to raise awareness of homophobia in sport and had acts like Elton John, Groove Armada, Future Cinema, Tim Minchin and more. There were large screens to watch the olympics during the day and evening music and entertainment.

The logo needed to say the brand was open and gay friendly whilst also cool, trendy, young and appealing to an older crowd of men and women. So I choose a predominantly monochrome chunky bold cool font and used the ‘gay reference’ rainbow of colours in marketing minimally where needed. The website I designed using more illustration and paper texture in the background to give it depth and texture. The websites was designed and coded in about 2 or 3 days and the developed worked over night as our deadlines were insanely tight. We came into the office in the morning to find the festival had been cancelled a few days before it was to launch due to funding issues. It was sad it never happened but the company then went on to create and produce Wilderness Festival which is one of my favourite festivals and is very successful.

Mama were a great company to work for. It was a crazy office with a lot going on and lots of creative ideas flying around, some more realistic than others, all of them were interesting.

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