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Fashion Branding DesignFashion Branding Design

I created thisFashion Branding Design for an interesting festival clothing brand. They create festival fashion and costume apparel for the ever growing festival fashion market in the UK. Their creations are really fun and truly original, much like their founder Ben Hagger. His personality shows though in clothing, from the bear like full length fur coats with jungle print lining to the shinny lizard tails complete with secret pocket. The branding needed to have a classic elegance to reflect the brand’s style and give it timeless appeal. The client wanted the logo black which I think looks fab and it allows the clothing to add the colour without anything miss matching. I didn’t think that making the logo really wacky would help his brand. The logo would be seen by festival organisers and punters across a large range of festivals, ones suited for kids, families and the younger ‘messier’ crowd. It had to have general appeal whilst retaining it’s personality and charm. As with a lot of Fashion Branding Design colour is kept to a minimum as it can easily date the branding. Making sure a fashion brand is up to date with the latest colours is pretty important, hence why you’ll see a lot of fashion logos are black and very simple.


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