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E-commerce Web Design London

This is an article I was asked to write forĀ Advanced Photoshop Magazine on web design which featured the design for this e-commerce website.

I designed the branding (logo, colour scheme, photography direction, typography, illustration) for this hand spun wool company as well as the bespoke e-commerce web design. We wanted to make the brand look exciting and sexy, to move it out of the world of grannies knitting and old school low-fi craft and into the world of fashion and young exciting designers. So I proposed we do a photoshop, that I styled and art directed so make sure the images were striking and edgy. I also created some collage illustrations for the website to keep it fresh and visually interesting.

Sadly the client ran out of money towards the end and was unable to afford to coding to get the fancy scroll and other coding elements implemented. Dynamic scrolls (where the text moves independently from the image as you scroll down the page) look very impressive but don’t work on iphones or ipads as yet. They’re fairly new to the coding world. I look forward to when they work responsively.

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