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Customised wallpaper Design

Wallpaper Design Dog Portrait

This was an example of a customised wallpaper design for a residential client in West London. It uses botanical sketches I drew from plants I saw in Australia, photos to pansies I took in France and some vintage illustrations from my collection. The people show where the clients shots will go once we have photographed them in a studio and photoshopped them into the scene, with illustrations on top to give it more visual interest. I made headdresses and festival wear and I hoped their dog wouldn’t mind wearing one of the flower headdresses for the photoshoot. It can be added in after if it proves too difficult. I wanted to keep a classical wallpaper layout and composition with a central oval shape and classical architectural features. This gives the initial impression of an old style wallpaper but on closer inspection you can see it’s a modern interpretation.

I like the idea of being able to find personalised elements in a wallpaper so there are multiple levels of enjoyment each time you see it. This customised wallpaper design with dog and flowers was designed for a bathroom.

Bespoke customised wallpaper designs are available on request. You can request a slight change to an existing design to keep the cost down.


Customised wallpaper design dog & flowers

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