Branding - Client : Brand Identity Designer London UK

freelance-designer-logo-branding-design-for-dentist-ukI was asked by Garston Dental Practice to create them a new brand for their new dental practice across the road from their long established practice in Liverpool, UK. This new practice was mainly for low cost teeth whitening and dental cleans as opposed to so more serious dental work. The branding needed to look friendly, approachable and unlike the industry standard. I created this font from lots of small dots and then created a rainbow colour palette to add friendly interest and keep things original. I wanted to make sure the client had plenty of colours to work with, as well as some beautiful brand design elements so that the branding could add visual interest to all the printed and online material they need. I also wanted to consider the interior design of the dental practice as I thought the dots could be used as wallpaper or a print design on the soft furnishing.

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