Branding - Client : Brand Identity Design for a Catering co

Brand Identity Design for a Catering coBranding design for a catering company logo, colour palette, fonts, illustrative brand assets,


I was asked to create a look and feel for this catering company. They needed a logo, colours, fonts, brand assets, all the elements that go up to make an aesthetically pleasing but also commercially effective brand identity. The company wanted to be seen as modern, young, healthy with an experimental take on cooking up flavours but not so experimental that it alienates any of the market. I felt was important to have images of the fresh ingredients they used across the van and their online marketing

This was a simpler way to show their food without having to accommodate the changing menu which wasn’t nailed down precisely. They sell their food at festivals amongst other events so their brand had to stand out from the other sellers next to them. The food photography of the specific dishes would help show the customers exactly what they were getting but they needed a good tool kit of branded imagery that could say all this without being too specific but enough to get a general idea of the flavours involved.

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