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designers_london_personalised bespoke wallpaper_illustration_pet.

designers_london_personalised bespoke wallpaper_illustration_pet.

Wallpaper Design Geometric Poodles

I have been doing a fair bit more interior design recently. After doing up our property and creating art work for the walls, I’ve had people asking me to help them with their interiors. One of my clients from LA has a London apartment that was just white box rooms. They asked me to choose some colours and furniture for the rooms. I created mood boards for each room. I wanted to bring subdued natural colours, textures and some natural distressed finishes to take it away from white boxes. I rummaged the markets to find vintage pieces and used some of the latest high quality fake foliage to bring some fresh outdoors in. Abigail Ahern is one of my favs. She has a great collection of faux wild grasses that are so real you really can’t tell they are fake.  The clients had an alcove space in their spare room that needed utilising. The couple were very fond of their dogs and horse so I suggested designing them a bespoke wallpaper with their pets hidden in it. The style needed to reflected the style of the room and a geometric piece by Claudia Van Oosterom ‘tesselate’ that I had just had commissioned for the opposite wall. I asked Brandler london, a great new furniture brand to fit a low cupboard into the space and a hanging clothes rail using their unique reclaimed barn wood. The overall effect was fabulous and practical. It’s certainly a much better use of the awkward alcove. I framed the original signed copy of their Polly Playford bespoke wallpaper design and had that up on the opposite wall next to the Tesselate piece. The clients described the new flat, on their arrival, as ‘beyond awesome’.  I’ll show you the photos when I get them back.


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