Art Direction Styling and Advert Design

Art Direction


Garbanzo, an established healthy snack food brand selling in Holland & Barrett amongst other retailers, approached me with a brief for an advert for Vegan Life magazine. After research and some mood board discussions I came up with an advert format that needed some good product photography, making a pattern from their flavour ingredients.

I thought getting the fresh ingredients would make the product more appetising, fresh and healthy. The pattern style made the image more flexible so it could sit behind the text box on this odd shaped 1/3 page magazine advert without any key part being obscured. We used Blend Studios, a great product photographers in London. Their studio was in Kensal Rise and we had a very productive day with the client, me art direction/ styling and the photographer Barrie from Blend. We made the most of the day, Barrie was excellent and took some great shots for social media and the future packaging design too. We also created an animated gif, stop-frame animation style, of the chickpeas running out of the packet in the shape of the heart logo and back in again. I’ll post that when it’s been sent by Barrie. I’d highly recommend Blend Studios.

Here’s a link to their blog post on the shoot.


Art Direction Styling and Advert Design

Wedding Stationary Design & Accessories

Accessories, typography

freelance designer wedding accessory table stationary design

This is the wedding stationary I designed and made for my wedding. I used vintage etchings, botanical illustrations and disco balls for the imagery. I made a freshwater pearl, glass flower bead and cut glass and mother of pearl brow chain for the wedding day, pearl and glass bead hair clips for the 7 brides maids to match and a real living succulent ring for all the bridesmaids and myself. The wedding which was on a private island on the east coast had a theme that was based around animals, wild foliage, moss and shells and wild flowers.

The stationary list:

Wedding invite


Order of service

Island Accomodation Map

Name Tags

Table Animal Signage for the foyet

Table Animal Signage for the tables

Entrance Signage

Thank you card


Accessories by Polly Playford Design:

Succulent rings

Cut glass and mother of pearl brow chains

Freshwater pearl and glass bead chair chains

Glass sphere vial with moss


If you want anything designed for your wedding, just get in touch.


Wedding photography by Sachin Khona



Wedding Stationary Design & Accessories

Freelance Designer London


Glitter Necklace by Polly Playford Design

freelance graphic  designer london

freelance graphic london

This is a necklace I designed, made and photographed. I photographed it on a mirror I had etched with acid to give it a mottled effect for an interior design project I was working on. The crystals in blue and pink come from one of those crystal trees you can grown from a kit. I got that one from my brother for Christmas, on the same year I bought him one. Great minds.

The necklace is ideal for festivals, especially when you come across a festival goer with not enough glitter on… you can sort their face right out. They’re sure to be very grateful and might in exchange give you something exciting. There’s also the glitter slap. It’s an alternative way of applying glitter to the face. You start by licking their face (which is always fun at a festival), then put some glitter in your hand and give them a good slap around the face. It wakes them up and makes them sparkle whilst simultaneously entertaining those around you. Win Win Win.

I’d be happy to make one of these for you, dear reader, you can request the colour of glitter and the charms attached. The options are HUGE and the price, is small. Starting at £28 for a necklace. E-mail me with your necklace design request.

Freelance Designer London  –

Bespoke wallpaper design

Pattern design, Vintage imagery


bespoke wallpaper design

bespoke wallpaper design

Bespoke wallpaper design

So I created this design from some ink textures I painted on watercolour paper for another branding project. I also used some old botanical prints of hydrangeas and leaves and scanned in graph paper for some detail. There’s also a bird wing with a photo of feather textures inside it. I used the white geometric shapes to pull it all together compositionally. Creating patterns in Illustrator is great as it works in real time, so when you change an aspect to the central design, it automatically changes the repeat pattern around it so you can get a very immediate results. This works as a one off single illustration design and as a large repeat pattern for the design for wallpaper, framed or for the inside of a hand bag (I say this as I’ve been designing patterns for women’s bags recently). I’m going to print this out and frame it somewhere. I love it.

50 Design Tips eBook


50 Design Tips eBook

50 Design Tips eBook

50 Design Tips eBook

Route Print asked me to send them some design tips for their e-book. As always I’m happy to say what I think.

Read the e-book here.

These are my top tips:

24. Always Be On The Lookout For Interesting Textures & Imagery.

A good brick wall or some recycled paper, photograph or scan them. File them all to your design image library on your computer. Then browse through your design image library when stuck or looking for inspiration. I use the textures I’ve found almost daily.

25. When Discussing A Brief, Use Imagery & Words To Illustrate Your Discussion.

26. Show Your Design’s In Context.

If it’s a logo, show it on a business card or embossed on a letterhead, if it is web design, show it inside an image of a computer screen and an iPad. First impressions are important and any help you can give them imagining what you are imagining, the better.